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Stories play a powerful role in the life of a child. Books guide children in how to view themselves and others, how to respond to someone who looks or acts differently than them, how to be respectful and kind, and so much more.

Illustrations are just as powerful to the child as the words in the story. Every child delights in finding an illustration that represents them, their ethnic background, or their religious dress. Unfortunately, many stories don’t include the multicultural diversity of today’s children.

But not anymore!

Antiracism Books for Children (ABC) is a non-profit organization that supplies classrooms with books that support positive diverse representation. These books allow children to delight in characters that represent them and their ethnic background, as well as being exposed to perspectives outside their cultural identity. ABC’s hope is that its books will promote inclusion and equity, even at a young age.

Bright Start Childcare and Preschool is thrilled to partner with Antiracism Books for Children! Children enrolled at our preschool will benefit from the diverse stories and beautiful illustrations that celebrate differences and encourage inclusion amongst their peers.

There’s nothing quite like the joy on a child’s face when they see a storybook character that looks like them. Every child deserves to see themselves represented in a storybook that embraces the differences that make them unique. ABC’s books do just that!


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