How Involved Are Daycare Parents?

It’s common knowledge that children need a lot of TLC. Invested, involved parents help children establish emotional stability, allowing them to focus on learning and developing.

Daycare parents are sometimes stereotyped as not caring about their children. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, daycare parents are very involved with their child’s life. They also have a greater capacity to enjoy the time they have with their children than a stay-at-home parent.

Kindergarten Involvement

The University of Texas at Austin conducted a study of 1,300 children and their mothers to see how daycare enrollment impacted a mother’s involvement in their school later on.

The study found that moms whose children were enrolled in daycare were more likely to be involved in kindergarten. In fact, mothers of children in daycare were more likely to be involved than stay-at-home mothers. Mothers of daycare children regularly communicated with teachers, attended open house meetings, and established friendships with other parents than stay-at-home mothers.

Maximize Your Time

When you’re with your child all day, it’s easy to not maximize the time you spend with them. But being apart from your child all day makes the time with them much sweeter and enjoyable. Stay-at-home parents may be quick to turn on a TV show to pass the time or get a break, but parents with children in daycare are more likely to enjoy quality time with their children. While stay-at-home parents have a greater quantity of time with their children, daycare parents maximize quality time with their children.

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