How To Make Your First Parent-Teacher Meeting Successful

No matter your child’s age, visiting your child’s classroom before their first day of daycare can be helpful for easing drop-off jitters. Letting your child see their classroom space, meet their teacher, and observe their classmates help your child visualize their day.

One of the most important relationships to establish in their classroom is with their teacher. While peers are important to development, the teacher is the primary caretaker of your child. This is why it’s so important to help your child feels comfortable or warm up to their teacher by the end of their visit. Here are some tips to help your child connect with their teacher.

Show Your Own Enthusiasm

Your child is very perceptive. When you show your own approval of their teacher, your child will be more inclined to connect with them. Ask good questions of your teacher and try to find some common interests between child and teacher.

Encourage your child to speak with their teacher, being a mediator if necessary. For example, asking your child “tell your teacher what you found at the park yesterday!” opens the door to profitable conversation.

Ask Questions About Daily Routine

Ask the teacher specific questions about their daily routine, such as:

  • When do they play outside?
  • Do you assign seating?
  • What are your class rules?
  • Do you have a rest time?

While you may already know the answers, it helps your child to hear the answers directly from the teacher and may encourage them to ask their own questions.

Share Your Child’s Interests and Strengths

When possible, share what your child is interested in, their strengths, and their struggles in a positive light. For example, your child may like crafts and coloring but need help with scissors. Or perhaps your child loves to play dress-up but needs help joining a group of children. Sharing these details with your teacher will help them know how to give your child a successful transition to preschool.

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