How To Prepare Your Toddler For Daycare

Your toddler’s first day of daycare is coming up rapidly. How do you prepare your child and help them succeed in daycare? Here are some expert tips.

Start a Daycare Routine at Home

Contact our office to learn more about the toddler’s daily routine and implement little changes at home. For instance, weaning your toddler off their morning nap will help them have stamina throughout the morning and lunchtime.

Visit Bright Start Louisville

Feel free to come by our daycare with your toddler so they can see their room, meet their teacher, and observe new playmates. If your toddler is especially shy, they may benefit from visiting more than once so they see the same faces.

Plan For a Half-Week

Many toddlers transition to full-time daycare best when they start part-time. Letting your child have a day or two at home with you will help ease anxiety and stir excitement for the next time they go to daycare.

Bring a Toy From Home

Your child is welcome to bring a loved toy from home. These give a sense of security to your child if they feel lonely or anxious. But you may soon find that your toddler loves their classroom and is able to come to Bright Start Louisville without it.

Don’t Give In to Tears

It’s completely understandable and expected that a child is emotional at drop-off or pick-up. The best thing you can do for your toddler is making drop-off quick. Give reassurance of your love and that you’ll return, and then don’t linger, even if there are tears. Be all-in at pick-up: give eye contact and affection, ask about their day, and share how happy you are to see them; don’t be distracted on your phone or dismiss their emotions.

Bright Start Louisville offers exceptional childcare to children six weeks to 12 years old. We’re proud to offer a fun and educational preschool program that prepares your child for kindergarten per state educational standards.

If you’re looking for excellent childcare that gives your child a head start in life, contact Bright Start Louisville today!

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