Is a Nanny or Daycare Better Childcare?

If you’re looking for childcare options, you may be debating between hiring a nanny or using a daycare service. Let’s see how these compare!

Socialization: Daycare vs. Nanny

Because children are with peers all day long in daycare, socialization comes naturally and abundantly in this setting. At Bright Start, we have planned activities and free play that give children ample opportunity to build friendships and practice social skills. 

On the other hand, nannies are in charge of the socialization of your child by bringing them to planned social activities like story time at the library or a playgroup at the park. This can mean extra work for you, like providing the nanny with a car seat, paying for gas money, and signing your child up for activities.  

At Bright Start, your child will gain all the benefits of socialization without adding to your to-do list or finances!

Cost: Daycare vs. Nanny

The cost of a nanny varies greatly according to their experience level, certifications, and other factors, but reports the average cost of a nanny is $694 per week. 

In contrast, the average daycare costs in Kentucky are $437 KY. Additionally, Bright Start accepts various forms of financial assistance, such as the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP), which makes daycare much more affordable than hiring a nanny. 

Education: Daycare vs. Nanny

Children of every age can benefit from age-appropriate educational activities. Books, music, colors, art, nature walks, and so much more are wonderful activities for younger children!

Pre-K and school-aged children need more supervision and guidance to ensure they are meeting standard education requirements. However, this doesn’t come naturally to every nanny. Some nannies are better than others at teaching, especially if your child has learning differences or difficulties.  

At Bright Start, we love our quality curriculum that helps every child be successful in meeting educational milestones, no matter their age. We hire experienced teachers who engage children, so they have fun while they are learning. Children at Bright Start receive a well-rounded early childhood education, so they are ready for kindergarten and beyond!

So which is better, daycare or nanny services?

Ultimately, that decision is up to you. There isn’t a superior option because every family situation is different.

With affordable prices, better safety and education standards, and abundant social opportunities, Bright Start Louisville should be at the top of your childcare list.

Bright Start Louisville offers exceptional childcare to children six weeks to 12 years old. We’re proud to offer a fun and educational preschool program that prepares your child for kindergarten per state educational standards.

If you’re looking for excellent childcare that gives your child a head start in life, contact Bright Start Louisville today!

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