Preschool Friendship Benefits

If you have a preschooler, then you know how much they grow every single day! It seems like just yesterday you were supporting them to walk, and now they play tag, jump on a trampoline, paint and draw, and have a fascination with squishy bugs.

With encouragement and opportunities, children can flourish as they grow in their newfound skills. Further, children solidify their learning experiences by applying new skills in different scenarios. For instance, your child may know their ABCs in their favorite book at home, but seeing letters in a new font in a library book helps them apply their new skills in an exciting and challenging way.

While it’s easy to focus on academic achievement at this age, you shouldn’t neglect social skills. If your child has siblings or regular playmates, you may think you have this area covered, but children need various social settings in order to have well-rounded social skills. Daycare and preschool are one of the best settings to accomplish this!

Practice Essential Social Skills

Many of us feel a twinge of anxiety when we meet new people. Meeting new people can be awkward and scary! Preschool programs offer ample opportunities for children to learn how to introduce themselves, ask questions, apologize, include others, and play by the rules. These foundational skills are crucial not just for kindergarten, but for their whole life.

Develop Flexibility

Even preschool relationships need flexibility! With practice, one can learn to problem-solve, resolve conflict, share, and compromise. Preschool programs provide many different activities so children can practice these skills.

Encourage Empathy

Everyone appreciates an empathetic friend. Empathy is an age-appropriate milestone in preschool. However, empathy is challenging for many children, especially if they struggle with social skills. Children who have extra practice are more likely to be empathetic.



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