What is CCAP?

Regardless of parental income, every child deserves access to quality childcare. There are several financial assistance programs available to qualifying families. One program is the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP).

What is CCAP?

The Kentucky Division of Child Care started CCAP so children could receive quality child care while their parents work. The low-income families who utilize CCAP are able to give their children a brighter start to their social, academic, and professional lives because they can afford better childcare options.

Who is Eligible for CCAP?

You are eligible for CCAP if you have a household income at or below 160% of the federal poverty level and meet any of the following criteria:

  • You are employed for at least 20 hours/week as a single parent or a combined 40 hours/week as a couple
  • You are enrolled in a full-time educational program at an accredited college or trade school
  • You are enrolled in the SNAP Employment & Training Program
  • If unemployed, you are involved in an active job search
  • You are a teen parent and attending elementary, middle, or high school, or preparing for the GED exam in a classroom setting
  • You are a K-TAP recipient
  • You have a protective or preventative service case

Your child must also meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Kentucky resident
  • Be a citizen or qualified legal alien of the United States
  • Be under 13 years of age. Children up to 19 are eligible if they have documented special needs or a court order

How Do You Apply for CCAP?

Most application processes are time-consuming and frustrating, but applying for CCAP is surprisingly easy! CCAP applications can be submitted by phone at (855) 306-8959 or online at kynect. CCAP also offers a pre-screening tool so you can determine your eligibility. If you have any problems or need interpretive services, The Division of Family Support can help you apply for the program.

Does Bright Start Accept CCAP?

Yes! Bright Start Louisville accepts financial assistance from CCAP. This gives your child access to the exceptional care and curriculum at our facility.

Bright Start Louisville offers exceptional childcare to children six weeks to 12 years old. We’re proud to offer a fun and educational preschool program that prepares your child for kindergarten per state educational standards.

If you’re looking for excellent childcare that gives your child a head start in life, contact Bright Start Louisville today!